• Arianne:

    I can't listen to death metal. There's a line as to how h-core I can be.

  • Danny:

    Yeah, I like being in control. When I listen to death metal I'm like "where am I?"

  • Arianne:

    No, I wake up bathed in the blood of my enemies and I'm like "where am I? How did I get here? What have I done?"

// I don’t know why but…//

"Fever" by Bullet for my Valentine makes me incredibly horny

// So rip my pictures from the wall, Tear them down and burn them all//

Light the fire, walk away; there’s nothing left to say so, take the ashes from the floor, bury them to just make sure, that nothing more is left for me, just bittersweet memories.

// /sigh//


I need you. I need you deeper and more desperately than I’ve ever needed anyone before. Sometimes it makes me feel pathetic. It makes me feel like a scared, lost little girl. There is a kind of strength in the need though. I needed help. I turned around and you were there. Almost as if we never parted to begin with. I have more to thank you for than you’ll ever know.

Honestly, Arianne, that clip board is better for you than Jacob. It actually clips things and has a use.
Patrick. Hahahaha (via aboveheavenbeyondhell)
My camera <3

My camera <3

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